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Our Experience

After spending the last 15 years assisting Managing Directors achieve their objectives. I have worked in Senior Management for the last 10 years. I completely understand the stress, dedication and sacrifices that small businesses are built on.  

I am a hands on intuitive professional. Who treats your business commitments as my own.

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Our Approach

Your business is our business.

Our service includes a  1 Hour consultation to ensure that you need to use Admin SOS.

 We like to ensure our customers feel that they would benefit from our services. And lets face it.. no one likes a hard sell. Transparency is key with Admin-SOS

Why Us?

Time is everything when you are running a business. If you are overloaded with tasks that are not allowing you to grow. You may struggle to contend in your market. Full time wages can be astronomical. Admin SOS are the realistic alternative. 

1 Month plans available from £80